You know, I always wondered why that spark you feel at the beginning of a relationship ends. Yet as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to understand why.

As a man, when you find a woman that catches your interest, you do whatever it takes to ensure you catch hers. Whether it’s texting her good morning, sending her flowers to work, calling her to say hello or even planning a beautiful night out you’re always thinking of ways to make her fall for you. Once you catch her interest it’s like euphoria; you’ve won your prize. For a while you continue to show her you care. You’ll text good morning, you’ll tell her she looks beautiful, you’ll send her flowers on important days …and then it stops. This is where the majority of men fail and the primary reason relationships today don’t last.

Women want to be desired, regardless of the length of their relationship. They want to know that they are still the most beautiful woman in your eyes and that they are still on you’re mind twenty-four seven as they were when they were mere strangers in your eyes. Some will say that’s difficult to do since your level of comfort grows over time. I say that’s just an excuse.
When you’re truly in love with someone, that feeling never fades.

So what does it mean to be romantic in 2014? For starters, stop texting. Pick up the phone and call her regardless of how long you’ve been together. Don’t you want to hear her voice? If you don’t, I’m sure someone else will. Stop sending flowers from 1-800-FLOWERS. I’m sorry, I have friends who do this so don’t take offense, but be more creative. Go to a florist, pick them out yourself and bring them to her. It requires effort, exactly what you should be giving. Stop spending more time on social media than you do spending time with her. Your Facebook friends and Instagram followers won’t be giving you a family anytime soon, stop caring what they think about your life. Be spontaneous; pick her up from work with a suitcase full of her clothes and take her somewhere. If you forget anything I’m sure there’s a store or two you can find to pick it up. Write her letters; women love letters (ask any girl who’s watched the Notebook). Take care of yourself; remember how hard you’d work out to be in great shape so you could impress her? Yeah, keep doing it. No girl wants to date a man who stops caring about his health and appearance. Make her dinner, even if you can’t cook … like me. Open a cook book and figure it out. Light candles, put rose peddles everywhere …. she’ll find a reason to forget how bad you can cook. Most importantly, give her reasons to feel beautiful. You desired her because she was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen and because she made you smile like nobody else could …. don’t ever stop reminding her of that.

You see, men become complacent. In most instances they get bored and want the next best thing. It’s no help that social media has ruined chivalry and romance. Be different. Treat her like you’re still trying to win her and that’s how you’ll never lose her.