Where do I begin? I should probably tell you a little bit about myself but I refuse to begin with the typical “my name is, I was born in, and I work for”; that’s the norm. Let’s try something a little different. 

Simplicity. There’s something fascinating about it, especially to me. In a society where the overwhelming majority tend to focus on the next best thing, I find a remarkable level of tranquility in perfecting what’s directly in front of me. When you’re able to remove all of the clutter, there becomes a unique level of precision in your focus, whether that be your profession, friendships or love life. I’ve learned to wash out the desire to keep up with others, rather having chose to maintain a desire for inner peace. Our world is filled with so many distinct obstacles; an effortless mindset is the key to overcoming it all. 

Success. Let me elaborate further. Success is waking up every day and loving what you do. Only when you’ve found what you truly love will you ever do great work. I’ve never measured success with a monetary value; doing so only means you’re pursuing a number. Numbers never cease. Instead, I’ve measured my success by my ability to contribute to other’s success. There’s a tremendous amount of gratification in knowing you’ve impacted someone else’s life. 

Love. It’s dissimilar to anything else. Undoubtedly it’s the most freeing feeling one can ever experience. I’ve always loved without fear. Putting limitations on your emotions only restricts the greatest gift God has given us. The world was born on Love and it continues to evolve because of it. We all share the same fate in life; we live until our lives come to an end. When you think about that, the obvious becomes evident; we have absolutely nothing to lose. Love with all of your heart, express who you truly are not who someone wants you to be, and live with no regrets. Set yourself free and then settle for the love that awakens your soul.

My name is Anthony. Twenty-nine years ago I was born in Brooklyn, New York to my amazing parents Joseph and Mary D’Ambrosio. I work for the greatest company on the planet, Apple Inc. 

This is just the beginning of my story.