Love is very interesting. It can be the most euphoric feeling in the world. Somehow the sun shines brighter when you’re in love and we long for the days to never end. Everything seems that much better when you have someone to share it with. In stark contrast it can be the most painful emotion, one that can numb your body, cripple your heart and crush the soul. Anyone who’s loved knows of the dramatic roller coaster ride it takes you on. For some, that ride comes to an abrupt end and can send shockwaves through your world.

For me love was like walking into a theme park; I was a teenager ready to ride the roller coaster filled with thrills and chills and never leave. I walked in with an open mind never having experienced it before. I was oblivious to fear, just excited for the adrenaline rush I was about to feel. My heart was kind, I was loyal, I respected. I made plenty of mistakes and I learned along the way. I forgave as much as I loved since I always believed forgiving would set you free. In the end, I realized that loving someone with all of my heart and being a good man wasn’t enough. Here’s why ….

Love is a partnership. It requires deliberate effort. Not once a week, not every now and then but everyday. Fairytales depict love as perfection. While it most certainly should never be painful, love is never perfect and that is what makes it so unique. It’s the process of effort, forgiveness, maturity, and loyalty that allow people to fall deeper and deeper into love. It requires a certain level of kindness, one that is gentle enough to touch another heart and leave a lasting impression.

Some people aren’t equipped with the longevity and dedication necessary to truly love someone else. They instead fall in love with a being, a look, a style, a type, or even the intimacy that comes along with a relationship. Some even are too in love with themselves to appreciate the love of another. Their comfort level leads them to believe they’re in love, yet they overlook all of the details. They want the glory of being in a relationship, without putting in the effort. And so it becomes a cycle of extreme happiness and unhappiness. I’ve see it and it’s ugly. The name calling, the threats, the noticeable disinterest, even the lack of affection. Yet these people are the ones who say “I love you”.

Truth is when you love someone you’ll move mountains to ensure their happiness. Mistakes are inevitable, some are even greater than others, but the moment you forget the importance of the person you love you’ve lost them forever.

It’s important to always realize you have a choice. The love you seek is obtainable only if you are patient enough to wait for it and courageous enough to move on. Remember the first time you rode your bike? You fell off didn’t you? And I bet you got right back on and eventually you just kept going. It’s okay to get hurt, the bruises will only remind you of how far you’ve come.

Being twenty-nine years old, I am very selective with whom I choose to offer my time and heart to. People always ask me why I’m single; I’ve chosen to be. I don’t look for perfection, and definitely don’t need just a pretty face. I’m an extremely confident young man and I’ve never needed a pretty woman on my arm to feel secure, instead I’m attracted to the qualities of a woman; her vision for her future and the kindness of her soul. That’s what I look forward to falling in love with and that’s what I build my future for. I’ll be patient until the day I find it …. and when I do, I’ll show her a love she’s never experienced before; a love that will never hurt and never quit.