The world we live in today has lost it’s level of respect for women. I grew up in a home with a father who always opened the door for my mother, always held her bags when they went shopping, always picked up the tab at dinner and certainly always took care of the financial responsibilities at home. So at a young age I learned what it meant to be a gentleman and I’ve vowed to be one ever since.

I think it all begins with how you pursue a woman you’re interested in. Men today are too eager and go full steam ahead when they find someone they’re interested in. It’s as if they have no self worth. Take a step back and give her the opportunity to get to know who you are. Pick up the phone and call her after work instead of texting her all day. Sure, texting is convenient, but never make her feel like she’s just convenient. Give her something to desire; talking to you. Let her know she’s on your mind because you cared enough to hear her voice. More importantly ask her how her day was and listen to every word she says.

I’ve seen so often the texts saying “let’s chill” or even better, “wanna hang out?”; no emphasis on your desire to see her. If you’re interested in a woman, pick up the phone, call her and tell her how much you would love to take her out. Never tell her where; give her something to be curious about. Put thought and effort into it. At this point, if you’ve talked to her over the phone and have paid attention to what she’s had to say, odds are you’ll have some idea as to what she enjoys doing. Listen, it’s all in the details.

Dress in your best. If you expect her to look beautiful for you, make sure you look handsome for her. Don’t meet her where you’re going, pick her up at home and be punctual. If you say 8:00p, be there at 8:00p. Knock on the door; don’t text and say “I’m here”. Want to catch her attention? Bring flowers … her favorite ones. If you’re afraid you’ll look stupid then she’s not the right girl to begin with. A girl who’s interested in you will be elated that you wanted to do something to make her smile. It’s not the norm, but do you want to be the norm for her? Most importantly, tell her how beautiful she looks. She put time and effort in to impress you. Notice it.

As you walk back to the car, open the door for her. If you decide to go to dinner, make sure you don’t sit until she does. If it’s a table, pull out her chair. If it’s a booth, allow her to sit first. Pay attention to her at dinner. Don’t take your iPhone out and check your Instagram. That’s as rude as it gets, and directly indicates she’s not as interesting as your coworkers picture of their kid eating ice cream. When it comes to ordering food I’ve never believed in ordering for someone else. Allow her to order whatever she wants and don’t force anything on her. Whatever you do, do not allow her to pay, especially splitting the tab with her. That’s appalling. Pay for it as a real man should, always.

When you drop her off home, walk her to her door. Thank her for giving you the opportunity to take her out. If you really want her to desire you reiterate how beautiful she looked, kiss her on the cheek, smile, and say goodnight. She’ll walk away wondering why you didn’t try to kiss her like every other guy. Again, it’s not the norm. It wasn’t because you weren’t interested, it was because you respected her. And we all know respect is the foundation of any amazing relationship.

Treat her like a lady, always. Value every aspect of her. Never allow a day to pass by where she doesn’t know how much she means to you. Always tell her how beautiful she is; it never gets old. Send her flowers just because. Leave notes on her car to remind her she’s on your mind. Kiss her every chance you get. Most importantly, honor her. She chose to share her heart with you … make it worth her while.