People have always asked me, “What drives you?”. It’s a common question that can yield so many different responses. I’ll share my response with you momentarily but before that I’d like to dissect the question. 

I’ve always been convinced that everyone possesses their own unique drive, derived from different factors from within. When I think about drive I am immediately drawn into what gets us out of bed in the morning. After all it’s a choice we make, but what’s the reasoning? Is it your passion for your job? your desire to get promoted? the fact that you have to pay bills? It can be anything, really. 

For me, my reasoning has always been consistent. There are days where I am up at 4:30a and others where I am home from work by 12:30a; never a simple task by any means. When I wake up I actually never think about getting promoted, never about the bills I have to pay, or even the insane amounts of passion I have for my profession. In fact, the first thing that comes to my mind is something that doesn’t even exist. Sounds crazy right? It’s what has driven me since I was a little boy and what will continue to drive me for the rest of my life. I may never obtain it, I may never see it, never feel it or even touch it. Just knowing it’s a possibility has always been enough for me. 

What is it? What in the world could possibly be worth exuding so much energy and effort towards if you know there’s a possibility you may never obtain it? The answer has always been simple. My children. Everything I do and every decision I make has their best interest in mind. Waking up everyday and putting blood, sweat and tears into my work is effortless to me because I realize that in doing so I am creating something far greater than a beautiful career; I’m building a foundation for the future that I have always envisioned for them. I want to look them in the eyes one day and tell them that everything I’ve ever done, I did for them. 

That’s what drives me.